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The smaller the campsite, the fewer the rules, the more the freedom…

With Kokopelli Camping we are free from manicured plots, boundaries or uniformity – just pick your view, pitch your tent, explore, chill, relax. There’s no lighting in the camping field (apart from the moon and stars) and only subtle, solar powered lighting where it’s absolutely necessary. 

Whatever your interest (hiking, cycling, climbing, running, skiing, snowshoeing) we have endless routes, tracks, trails and crags right on our doorstep in the Majella National Park.  If you need help and advice, we have a fair amount of experience of climbing, mountain biking, cycle touring, hiking, triathlon, snowshoeing and skiing.  We have a supply of hiking maps, books and climbing guides, plus our own folder of self-guided hikes.  We know the area pretty well and will happily give guidance and recommendations to any of our campers.

For more relaxing days by the water, we have the beautiful Adriatic coastline just a short drive down the valley, or a number of nearby rivers and waterfalls to enjoy:  click here for nearby rivers and beaches.

We work hard to live a self-sufficient, minimal impact lifestyle and share this with all our guests.  The bathrooms are equipped with organic soaps and eco-loo rolls, the kitchen has biodegradable washing up liquid and all our cleaning products are environmentally friendly.  We grow organic fruit, vegetables and herbs, and you are very welcome to help yourselves.  To complete the cycle, all your waste goes back into the soil as compost and into our chickens as nourishing scraps, who then in turn provide you with eggs.

Just pick your view, pitch your tent, explore, chill & relax….



A vibrant little riverside village at 270m asl with only 500 inhabitants.  It’s just 3km from Kokopelli and has two bars, two general stores, a butcher, a chemist, a restaurant/pizzeria, a castle, an abbey and an ancient hermitage.   Serramonacesca is the perfect example of traditional life in rural Italia and gives direct access to the hiking trails of the Majella National Park. Throughout the year the village comes alive with celebrations of ancient traditions in the form of lively festas, fireworks, events & concerts where all are welcome.

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